Catholic Church Cover Up Culture Will Cost

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Picture taken February 24, 2019. Vatican media/Handout via REUTERS ATTENTION EDITORS – THIS IMAGE WAS PROVIDED BY A THIRD PARTY.

When the news of the conviction and subsequent imprisonment of Cardinal George Pell reached the Vatican, it really came as no surprise but a fitting end to the recently concluded Papal Summit on child abuse, which in many opinions did not achieve what it set out to achieve. The Cardinal, viewed as number 3 in the Vatican, was convicted of for rape of underage boys.

It all started with other cardinals attributing the issue to priests being homosexual, but everyone knows the sad truth is that priests abuse these small boys, not due to them being homosexual but rather due to them having the opportunity. Many of these priests aren’t even what would classified as paedophiles, but more so immature, lonely and sexually maladjusted men, which an urge that they are unable to control and resist, resulting in them taking advantage of the children and exploit them because of their power and how the children reverence them.

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