Cardi B Denies Strip Club Brawl Charges

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Grammy-winning rapper Cardi B arrives for her arraignment in Queens, New York for charges stemming from a fight last year at a New York City strip club

On August 29, 2018, Cardi B was in the Angels Strip Club in Queens when her group reportedly lobbed bottles, chairs and a hookah pipe, which police said bruised a female employee’s legs. Cardi B the rap superstar pleaded not guilty to the attempted assault charges on Tuesday, that also included two felonies that were filed in connection with her alleged involvement in a New York strip club brawl.

The brash rapper appeared very clam throughout the proceedings, saying “not guilty sir; honor,” with her hands nicely clasped behind her back, showing her talon-esque hot pink nail extensions to the room. The arraignment came days after a grand jury indicted Cardi B in connection to the incident, with court documents showing 14 counts including two felonies against the rap superstar.

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